BASIX is a NSW Government initiative that ensures new homes are designed and built to use less potable water and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

BASIX is a flexible tool which allows the user to select from a range of options in order to meet the energy and water reduction targets.

All Development Applications and Complying Development Certificate applications for residential dwellings (including alterations and additions) must be submitted to Council with a BASIX certificate. A certificate is issued once a BASIX assessment has been satisfactorily completed, using the on-line tool.  The building applicant (e.g. architect, builder, owner builder) is responsible for completing the assessment, ensuring the BASIX commitments are clearly marked on the plans, and submitting the BASIX certificate with the development application.

Information on how the BASIX certificate fits in with the building approval process is provided in the document below.  Further information is available at the BASIX website

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basix and approval process (PDF 27KB)