Walgett Local Environmental Plan 2013

The Walgett Local Environmental Plan 2013 (LEP) was published on the NSW legislation website on Friday 5 July 2013 and commenced effect from that date.  Commencement of the LEP has the effect of superseding the Interim Development Order – Shire of Walgett 1968.

The LEP is a legal document prepared by Council to regulate land use and development within the Shire.  It contains two main parts:
  • A written document - This includes a series of clauses that describe what development may, or may not, be approved in particular areas of the shire.
  • Maps - Maps showing how land is classified under the LEP, including zoning.

Why has the Council created a new LEP?

The NSW State Government requires all Councils to prepare a new LEP that is consistent with the Standard Instrument (Local Environmental Plans) Order 2006, known as the 'standard instrument'.

Public access to LEP documents

The LEP document and maps can be downloaded from the NSW Legislation web site (http://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au), or via the following links:

More information

Town Planner

You can also speak directly to Council's Town Planner regarding the LEP by telephoning (02) 6828 6129.

Background documents

The following documents provide additional information regarding the issues considered, and the process undertaken, during the development of the LEP.  Click on the link to download a pdf copy of the respective documents.

Growth Management Study - community consultation (PDF - 578.83KB)

Growth Management Study & Strategy (PDF - 10948.1KB)

LEP public consultation - submission summary Dec 2012 (PDF - 81.25KB)

LEP public consultation - submissions 1 to 50 (PDF - 3267.98KB)

LEP public consultation - submissions 51 to 80 (PDF - 3246.25KB)

LEP public consultation - submissions 81 to 110 (PDF - 2991.48KB)

LEP public consultation - submission 111 (PDF - 4445.48KB)

Council agenda 8-11-2012 - draft LEP submissions (PDF - 1965.67KB)

Council minutes 8-11-2012 - draft LEP submissions (PDF - 198.36KB)

Council report 18-12-2012 - draft LEP submission Office of Environment & Heritage (PDF - 929.55KB)