Additional Merchandising Tips

An inexpensive tin of paint can be used to paint your fixtures, touch up chips and keep things looking new.
Use fabric or paper under or behind a display to provide an eye-catching backdrop.
Use motion to attract attention. For example, use a scarf and a small fan to add colour and movement to a static arrangement.
To avoid a busy look, stick to a few colours and textures in props that complement your merchandise.
Use magazines and catalogues as a source of adaptable ideas for your displays. A great idea in another store won't necessarily fit your image, yet the presentations pictured may trigger an idea for a fabulous creation of your own.
To give yourself a more hands-on sense of how to display products, while you are shopping, pay attention to the variety of approaches taken by other stores.  
Your store's housekeeping must be impeccable. A dirty store says you don't care and indicates that you may not treat the merchandise with respect either. Create a daily checklist of all housekeeping duties to be completed. Dust the shelves. Clean the lights. Remove the clutter behind the counter. Vacuum daily. No smudges. No dust. No grime!