Cross-Mix Merchandising

Displaying a variety of seemingly unrelated products together can create a comprehensive visual story. This type of merchandising communicates breadth of product and educates your customer about merchandise they may be unaware that you carry. Cross-mixing merchandise within a window display can and promote the look of a certain lifestyle for customers to buy into. It encourages customers to visualise how they would use an item and helps to confirm their decision to purchase an item. You can use larger items within your product lines as props for smaller items, and showcase impulse products with demand items. Be sure to place displays featuring cross-mixed products in high traffic areas. Keep your cross-mixed visual merchandising displays sharp and to the point, as the average customer views a merchandise display for just two seconds!

While individual creativity and artistic flair play a major role in merchandise displays, consider the following important principles:

Less is more so know when to stop and don't add too many items.
Group similar, complimentary and/or coordinating products together.
Focus on eye-catching best sellers, hot new items and impulse items.
Effective lighting, motion and complimentary props capture attention.

Successful store windows are changed frequently! You must constantly present a fresh and exciting face. As a minimum, windows should be changed once per month, but changing them weekly is ideal.