Dynamite Displays

Merchandise displays generally take one of these three basic forms:
1. Storefront Window Displays
These usually open on to a street or shopping centre walkway and are designed to attract people passing by that might not otherwise enter the store.

2. Showcase Displays
These typically feature items that are too valuable for display in the storefront, or niche items of high interest to the business's core clientele. These displays are usually located in high traffic areas and are typically multi- tiered product display with a sliding door for clerk's access.

3."Found-Space" Displays
These product presentations that occupy small but usable areas of the store, such as the tops of product carousels.

Storefront windows are best used for sales promotions, new arrivals, high demand items and image-building. Creative and interesting storefront window displays capture customers' attention and draw them into the store. The most successful window designs create a theme, vibe, or "lifestyle" that arouses curiosity. Inspiring product displays show the customer how an item might fit into their everyday life. Customers are more likely to purchase if they can imagine themselves using the product. Try displaying your products in use or in an active position. For example, shoes are often displayed at a tilted angle as it suggests action and movement, making for a more appealing display.