Encouraging Impulse Purchases

Impulse purchases are the unplanned purchases customers make on a shopping trip. Savvy retailers maximise every opportunity to sell by aiming to convert customer visits into impulse buys. Point of sale add-ons can generate a significant amount of extra dollars in impulse sales. Think of small items that people usually forget such as batteries, light bulbs, gift wrapping, etc. These small items can be placed near the register to reminder or entice the customer. This is why drinks, chocolates, chewing gum, etc. are optimally positioned at supermarket checkouts. Items with high impulse success deserve great locations in the store and one of the most highly trafficked areas is the counter. It is also the location that offers the most captive audience - a waiting customer. It is the point at which impulse sales are most often made. Impulse products are also well placed in the front of your store, near the demand merchandise, or in the high traffic district between the door and your demand products.