Graphics & Signage

Signs can be used to educate customers about merchandise for sale, announce special promotions or to direct traffic flow through your store. A significant percentage of sales are generated by in-store signage, displays and events; its impact far outweighs any other type of promotional or marketing campaign. Signage is the "silent salesperson" for the retailer and must communicate your store image. Colour, size, type, style, and layout should be consistent. Professionalism is everything in your store and the same holds true with your signage. Avoid handwritten signs at all costs!  Make your signs short and sweet as you have five seconds or less to tell the customer what you want them to know. Only display positive signs about your policies. If it's negative, change it! Select wording carefully; saying "Save $15", instead of "15% off" is far more powerful.

Many stores use large posters or photo enlargements in their window displays with merchandise placed near-by. Large graphics should be able to be seen from 5 metres away and be immediately recognisable to passersby. This approach offers a clean dramatic look. Repetition of large graphics in various windows, or throughout the store in various sizes, serves as a reminder of a particular product, creates a dramatic effect, and draws your customer from the window through the store. For example, to promote vases within your store, you could source an impressive photo of beautiful flowers in a striking vase, have it enlarged and place it in the window behind a display of the vases you have for sale. For added impact, repeat that flower vase graphic within your store near the merchandise for sale. Large graphics can suggest a lifestyle or how your products are to be used once purchased. Retailers today often sell merchandise by portraying a dream lifestyle for the customers to buy and take home. For example, a graphic of a family enjoying the outdoors can be placed behind picnic items that you might have for sale.

The process of creating a window using large graphics may seem like a challenging exercise the first time around, but once you have established your sources and become familiar with the process, it will be much easier and the reward will be well worth the effort.