Engineering services

Walgett Shire Council Engineering Department manages roads and paths (sealed and unsealed), aerodromes, water supply, wastewater disposal, stormwater/flooding control structures, solid waste collection and landfills, gravel pits, buildings, swimming pools, cemeteries, urban streetscape, parks and sporting fields, plant and vehicles, radio communication facilities and reserves.

Roads and Bridges

Being a large remote area, Walgett Shire has a long network of public roads. Roads fall into one of three categories, these being:

State Roads

These are the principal roads which...

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Traffic Management

Provided below is information on traffic committees, and traffic mangement within the Walgett Shire.


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Swimming Pools/Bore Baths

Walgett Shire Council owns and/or operates swimming pools and hot water bore baths in a number of locations around the Shire.

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Provided below is information on airports and/or airstrips within the Walgett Shire.

Walgett Shire has five aerodromes, there are currently no landing fees at any of the following airports;

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