NetWaste is a collaborative waste management project sponsored by the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation and the Central West (CENTROC) and Orana Regional Organisation of Councils (OROC), located in the central and western regions of New South Wales, Australia. The region comprises 31 councils, covering a total area of 317,942 square kilometres and supports a population of more than 300,000 people. The total NetWaste area represents over one third of the State of New South Wales as indicated on the Member Councils map

For the purposes of effective planning, The NetWaste region has been divided into four sub-regions. Waste Management Plans have been prepared Eastern, Central West, Midwestern and Western sub-regions.

Its collaborative approach provides NetWaste with the opportunity to share resources and knowledge, and co-ordinate the planning of waste issues at regional and sub-regional levels. At the same time the NetWaste model acknowledges the benefits of individual councils retaining control over waste management issues. In addition, consultation and involvement of community and industry in the planning process have been key factors in the implementation of an increasing number of successful programs and projects.

Effective communication between stakeholders is integral to the ongoing success of NetWaste. To this end the development and regular update of the NetWaste website has been a major initiative providing background information, useful linkages and detailing current activities

NetWaste's aim is to establish a waste management model that ensures cost effective environmental best practice for participating NetWaste councils, develops effective educational strategies that support this model and undertakes ongoing projects as identified as part of the waste management planning process.

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