Water and Sewerage

Walgett Shire Council, as water provider for the Walgett Shire area, is responsible for the provision of drinking water and water for other uses to the developed areas of the Shire. 

The population centres of the shire are wide apart and varied in nature. Each location has varied requirements and types of supply.

Lightning  Ridge is supplied by a single hot bore water supply, which supplies all of the town's requirements. A separate, self contained bore system supplies the famous Lightning Ridge Bore Baths and Miners Puddling Dams.

Walgett filtered water supply is drawn from the weir in the Namoi River. The Barwon river weir supplies the town's unfiltered water supply. Both supplies can be supplemented from the bore that services the Walgett Bore Bath.

Collarenebri draws all of its water from a weir located in the Barwon river. This supplies both a filtered and unfiltered supply to town residences.

Carinda and Rowena are each supplied by an artesian bore supply.