Collarenebri Aboriginal Cemetary

The Collarenebri Aboriginal Community holds strong emotional attachment to graves of their relatives.

The Aboriginal Community adorn their lost ones graves with shattered coloured glass that forms the base of all the graves, flowers and figurines that crowd the whole surface.

All families make sure that all of their graves are tended in some way.

There's a lot of hard work in it. The bottles are mainly what are used; there needs to be a lot of fire so bottles can be placed in hot ashes. Then hot bottles are dipped quickly into cold water which gives them a crystallised effect.

Young people just learn automatically, they see it done once or twice and elders don't have to do that job any more.

It is a big procedure, "The Collarenebri Aboriginal Community say" this is a real labour of love, that's why Aboriginal Community Members have such strong ties with this place."

The Aboriginal Community digs their own family grave when a loved one has passed; No machinery was ever allowed into the Aboriginal Cemetery Grounds all holes were dug by Aboriginal Men of the Community and was dug by their bare hands with the use of spade, crowbar, axe and pick. Now days with the invention of the Jack Hammer and Generator the digging of graves is a little bit easier.

An arranged tour with a local guide from Aboriginal Land Council, or an Elder of the Collarenebri Aboriginal Community who knows the history of this remarkable site will share a unique cultural experience and tell stories of how precious this place means to the Aboriginal People. During the days of traditional culture those whom passed away were not spoken of. Memories and names were held steadfast and no amount of provocation could induce the information outward.


The Collarenebri Local Aboriginal Land Council requires all personal that enter or visit this site should make full enquires at the Collarenebri Local Aboriginal Land Council, or seek an Elder;


Upon entering this site without permission you will be subject to trespassing.


If you have no affiliation with the Aboriginal Cemetery, Old Cemetery, Grounds/Land or Lagoon please call (02) 67 562150 or email or call into Collarenebri LALC Office on Cnr 24 Herbert & Wilson Street Collarenebri NSW 2833 for permission to enter.


On behalf of the Collarenebri Local Aboriginal Land Council and Collarenebri Aboriginal Community, please be respectful, courteous and considerate whilst on our land.