Dharriwaa Elders Group Centre

Dharriwaa Elders Group is an association of Walgett Aboriginal Elders that has been operating since 2000. This tenacious independent Aboriginal organisation is committed to supporting, protecting and promoting local Aboriginal cultural knowledge and identity and works for the development of the Walgett Aboriginal community.

Current exhibitions offered are "Memories of Living Outside Walgett" and "Wugan Gaay". Memories of Living Outside Walgett is about three of Walgett's Aboriginal settlements before Aboriginal people were housed in town. It offers oral histories about living in these communities, and uniquely defines in mud maps snapshots in time showing which families lived in each camp, thereby providing valuable information for current Walgett Aboriginal families. Wugan Gaay is a display of wooden items donated to the organisation by the late craftsman Roy Barker, and photos of historic wooden items from Walgett held by the Australian Museum. Importantly this exhibition provides access for the Walgett community to local designs and items held by a distant collecting institution that most will never visit. Together with the full set of real-life wooden tools and weapons displayed, this exhibition provides the community today with a template for continuing this craft.

A Keeping Place, the exhibition centre also houses special items that have been gifted to the DEG or placed under permit with the organisation for safe-keeping.

47 Fox St Walgett

Open 9am - 1pm Monday - Friday

Please ring the Centre on 02 6828 2619 to make group bookings to see the exhibition.