Kamilaroi Highway

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Running from Willow Tree, just south of Tamworth, straight out to the back of Bourke, the Kamilaroi Highway offers the most direct route from the Great Divide to the Great Outback. Along the way, you'll discover the quintessential Australian bush experience - from street-strolling koalas to road-running emus and from country squires to colourful opal miners.

The Kamilaroi Highway route to Bourke from the east coast takes you into the agricultural heartland of NSW, cruising through golden fields of wheat, sunflowers and canola; past the rugged mountain ranges of the Nandewars and Mt Kaputar; and on to the sunburnt plains of the Outback grazing runs.

Along the way, the Kamilaroi's iconic towns and settlements give you every excuse to extend your journey over several days, with each stop presenting its own unique slice of life in the bush.

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Kamilaroi Highway

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