2023 Statement of Reasons

The reasons for the decision that Council has made on a particular development application are outlined on Council’s written decision notice. The decision notice must identify if the development application is approved, approved subject to conditions, if the development did not comply with any of the assessment benchmarks, the reasons why the application was approved despite the development not complying with any of the benchmarks or if the application was refused. The statement of reasons must identify the reasons for refusal where a development application has been refused.

 DA Number  Address  Date of Determination  Statement of Determination   
 DA/2023/41 19 Wee Waa Street, Walgett   23/11/2023  View Statement(PDF, 439KB)  
DA/2023/39-1  68 Black Prince Drive, Lightning Ridge   09 October 2023 View Statement(PDF, 4MB)   
 DA/2023/39-1 68 Black Prince Drive, Lightning Ridge  14 September 2023  View Statement(PDF, 4MB)   Amended DA
DA/2023/39   68 Black Prince Drive, Lightning Ridge  14 September 2023 View Statement(PDF, 439KB)   
 DA/2023/18 Collarenebri Mission Road Collarenebri 04 July 2023   View Statement(PDF, 458KB)  
 DA/2021/46 110 George Sands Way Walgett 04 July 2023 View Statement(PDF, 447KB)  
 DA/2023/5 43 Opal Street Lightning Ridge 09 June 2023 View Statement(PDF, 66KB)   
DA2022/67  28 Warreena Street Walgett 23 May 2023 View Statement(PDF, 455KB)   
 DA2023/13/0010 Wee Waa Street Walgett 26 April 2023 View Statement(PDF, 89KB)   
DA2022/69   344 Brewon Road Walgett  11 April 2023 View Statement(PDF, 108KB)   
DA2023/4  18 Wilson Street Collarenebri 4 April 2023 View Statement(PDF, 106KB)   
DA2023/15  142 Pandora Street Lightning Ridge  31 March 2023  View Statement(PDF, 63KB)   
 DA2023/1  26 Morilla Street Lightning Ridge 21 March 2023 View Statement(PDF, 440KB)   
 DA2022/71:1 9906 Castlereagh Highway Walgett  27 February 2023 View Statement(PDF, 83KB)  
 DA2023/2  1260 Millencowbah Road Lightning Ridge  14 February 2023 View Statement(PDF, 439KB)