Pre-Election Candidate Briefings for Walgett Shire Residents

Published on 12 June 2024




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Local Government NSW will host two pre-election candidate briefings face-to-face for Walgett Shire residents on the 27th of June 2024. These sessions are designed to prepare interested candidates with an understanding of the roles and responsibilities involved in being an elected Councillor, insight into the operational role of a General Manager, and the strategic roles of the Mayor and Councillors. The briefings will also cover the time commitment required of a councillor for meetings and other activities.


Walgett Council Chambers

77 Fox Street, Walgett 

9:30 AM - 1:00 PM


Lightning Ridge Multi Purpose Centre
Kaolin St, Lightning Ridge (Next to Spider Brown Oval)

5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

If you are interested in attending one of these sessions or have any further questions, please contact the Executive Officer, Sherisse Fensom on (02) 6828 6116 or email


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Workshop Overview
This program will enable those interested in becoming a councillor to gain a better understanding of the role and responsibilities as an elected member of council. Councillors play a key role in making decisions that influence both the short-term concerns and long-term strategic direction of their local community. It is a big commitment, and prospective councillors need to know what will be expected of them – the challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities. This briefing is designed to provide those interested in being a candidate with the information they will need to make a considered decision.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
- Identify the key requirements for becoming a candidate.
- Identify the legislated role of a councillor, mayor, and as a member of the governing body.
- Recognise how the councillor role fits in with other roles and various levels of government.
- Address their key expectations and potential challenges in becoming a councillor.
- Understand how a councillor’s and council role fits within the local government Integrated Planning and Reporting framework.
- Identify key elements of council meetings, including the code of conduct and conflict of interest.

- The benefits and importance of Local Government.
- Understanding the role of Council, the role of the Councillor, and the Mayor.
- A typical council structure.
- Challenges of the role and how to meet them.
- The importance of diverse representation on Council.
- Representing community representation, speaking on key issues, and how to do this confidently.
- Meeting procedures and rules of debate.
- Support available including information, networks, and professional development.
- Introduction to local government jargon and what it means.
- Putting it together: making the commitment.
- Q&A.


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