Collarenebri Water Restrictions

Collarenebri Water Restrictions

Media Release: 7th January 2020

Walgett Shire Council wishes to advise all residents of Collarenebri that due to decreasing water level in the Barwon River, Level 5 Water Restrictions are in place for the use of ALL water in Collarenebri. The following restrictions on the use of town water in Collarenebri COMMENCE AT MIDNIGHT ON 16TH SEPTEMBER 2019.  The restriction will be in place until further notice.

Type of Consumer & Activity Restrictions
Residential Gardens, Car Washing, Window Cleaning Grey water only. Greywater is any domestic wastewater produced, excluding wastewater from toilets
Swimming Pools – Private No topping up of pools allowed. Emptying and filling of existing pools banned
Washing of Driveways, Paved Areas & Roofs Reclaimed water only
Washing Motor Vehicles Banned except as required by law
Business / Commercial / Public
Public Gardens Reclaimed water only
Nurseries Buckets or watering can only
Commercial Washing of Motor Vehicles, Buses, Taxis, Food Transport, Ambulances and Garbage Vehicles Banned except as required by law
Bowling Greens Reclaimed water only
Automatic Flush Toilets On demand only. Timers banned
  • No non-potable bulk water is available from WSC Standpipes
  • Potable water is only available for essential domestic consumption. WSC may direct water carters to source from alternate sources


Periods of water restrictions and use of appliances in accordance with the water restrictions in place will be policed by Council Officers. This notice is given in accordance with Regulation 137 of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005. Under the Local Government Act 1993 the maximum penalty that may be applied for a breach of imposed water restrictions is $2,200 for corporations and $220 for individuals.

Use of water contrary to this notice may result in restriction or disconnection of the water supply, a penalty is payable before a restricted or disconnected water service is reinstated.

Walgett Shire Council urges Collarenebri residents to please use water wisely. Should you require further information please contact Council’s Engineering / Technical Services Division on 6828 1399.


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