Driving Tips within the Shire

DRIVING TIP: During daylight hours drive with your headlights on low beam, as outback conditions can make it hard to see oncoming traffic.

DRIVING TIP: Inform friends and family of your travel plans. The local Visitor Information Centres can provide helpful advice on facilities and road conditions

DRIVING TIP: Australian wildlife and livestock often graze on the roadside and can stray onto the road. Be very careful when driving at sunrise, sunset and at night, when most animals are active. If an animal crosses your path in front of you brake gently – do not swerve wildly to avoid it.

DRIVING TIP: Always carry a current road map.

DRIVING TIP:Always carry a spare tyre, tools and water. If travelling to remote areas off major highways take extra food, water and tyres. Do not overload your vehicle and never carry spare fuel inside an enclosed vehicle.

DRIVING TIP:If you have trouble with your vehicle, don’t leave your vehicle as it will provide you with shade and protection from the heat. Wait for help to come to you.

DRIVING TIP: Obey road closure signs and stay on recognised routes

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