Walgett Shire Council is committed to providing a high quality of service and responsiveness to the needs of the communities within the Walgett Shire. A key element of this service is to provide work experience opportunities for local students through a School to Work Program. The program developed in 2009 by Council’s community development staff and school careers officers has witnessed over one hundred local young people involved in a multitude of work areas within Council.

General Manager of Walgett Shire Council, Mr Michael Urquhart said, ”this has been an extremely successful initiative over many years and has provided many local youth with increased skills and confidence  and in some cases proved a succession plan into gainful employment with Council”

Young people gain so much from this award winning  program, no more so then an incentive to regularly attend school which is a necessity of the program. Furthermore, learning on the job, responsibility, an exciting venture outside the school environment yet within the school curriculum, direct insight to work at Walgett Shire Council, ability to apply for vacant positions, work experience, access to formal training which assists in future job applications, ability to identify career opportunities and an understanding of Local Government.

Each school to work student is allocated a buddy within the Council. This buddy works directly with the student to enable a working relationship to develop. Each student is encouraged to explore work experience opportunities in all areas of Council and will not be limited to any one area. The initiative this year is to be overseen by Council’s community development team member, Ms. Reburdah Dennis and will be offered in all larger communities.

Although this year has been extremely challenging with the COVID situation, Council have carried out interviews and will trial six students from Walgett Community College , five students of Collarenebri Central School and a selection of students will participate in Lightning Ridge at the start of school next year. Congratulations to all the students.



2020 Walgett School to Workers : Chris Waters, Latia Sands-Dennis, Shontay Russell, Dainah Ashby and Clive Murray, with Council community development staff .

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