Future Drought Fund – Input Required

Future Drought Fund – Input Required

We’re looking to hear from people working in agriculture to participate in co-design activities for the Drought Resilience Self-Assessment Tool (DR SAT) and Climate Services for Agriculture (CSA) Future Drought Fund programs.

We’d like to hear from farmers, farm advisers and natural resource managers, as well as businesses servicing agriculture, such as agricultural suppliers and people working in financing and banking.

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, our Service Provider for DR SAT are currently running this survey to capture high-level information from people across Australia about their IT access requirements and information needs.


The survey will also ask about your preferences for participation in more in-depth co-design activities as the DR SAT and CSA programs roll out across Australia. Different options will be available for participation, depending on your time, interest and availability.

Take the survey

  • To register your interest to participate, complete the survey.
  • Initial engagement in pilot regions will begin in the coming weeks.
  • The survey will take between 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • The survey closes 30 June 2021.

Any information collected will be used in accordance with the privacy statement in the survey.

For more information about the Future Drought Fund or CSA and DR SAT and pilots visit agriculture.gov.au/fdf.

Thank you for your interest in the Future Drought Fund.

Future Drought Fund Team

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