Maintenance and repairs to Council’s sewer mains in Walgett

Maintenance and repairs to Council’s sewer mains in Walgett


Walgett Residents

Walgett Shire Council wishes to advise residents that from December 2020 to February 2021, maintenance and repairs will be carried out to Council’s sewer mains in Walgett.

The purpose of this work is part of Council’s long term maintenance plan to extend the life of the sewer system. This will help protect our local environment and public health.

Activities associated with these works include the following:

  • CCTV inspection of the sewer mains
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Structural relining of gravity sewer mains
  • Sealing of lateral connections

Some residents may experience an increase in noise, vehicle movements and odours whilst work is being carried out. Council’s Contractor appreciates the impact that work may have on surrounding residents, therefore every effort will be made to minimise any impact.

It is advisable to leave your toilet lid down with a small weight on top while cleaning works are being completed to ensure that accidental toilet spurts are avoided.

We may require access to your property if there is a manhole located on your property. An impending work notice will be placed in your letterbox.

Council’s Contractor does not need to enter your house and you do not need to be at home while work is carried out, however they will need to access your property if there is a manhole located. An impending work notice will be left at your property 24 hours prior to works commencing.

These new works will be carried out over approximately 2 months and Council apologises for any inconvenience caused to residents during this time.

Should you require further information regarding these works please contact Interflow’s Project Manager, John Meere 0408 118 315 or Abhi Suwal, Council’s Water & Sewerage Project Officer on 0458 279 877.


Michael Urquhart
General Manager

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