NAIDOC Week celebrations will be held from 3-10 July 2022.


The NAIDOC Week School Initiative Competitions bring a coordinated educational component to the week-long celebrations. The competitions have been overwhelmingly successful and last year was no exception which produced over 203,117 entries from schools who participated in a variety of competitions, and we are delighted to announce the “2022 NAIDOC Week” Colouring-in/short story and Creative/Essay writing Competitions. Entry is open to all primary and secondary school students in communities.

The aim of these initiatives is to provide our kids with a greater understanding on the importance of friendship and cultural diversity. The competitions reflect Aboriginal ancestry and promote the growth of positive attitudes in all students towards Aboriginal people. They are broadly based around each year’s national NAIDOC theme. The colouring-in/ Short-Story competitions are open to all primary school students and the Creative Art / Essay Writing competitions are open to all secondary students. The winning students are each year awarded prizes from our major sponsors or NAIDOC Medals of Excellence.

NAIDOC Colouring in Competition 2022

NAIDOC Essay Writing Competition 2022

NAIDOC Poem Writing Competition 2022

NAIDOC Poster Competition 2022