Regulations compliance

Regulation and Compliance

Alcohol Free Zones

Find out information regarding Alcohol free zones within Walgett Shire

Companian Animals – My Pets

Information for Companian Animal Owners rights and responsibility

Enforcement Policy

Walgett Shire Council’s Enforcement Policy provides an overview of the matters that Council officers will consider when dealing with regulatory issues.

The policy was adopted by Walgett Shire Council at a meeting held on 25 June 2013 and commenced operation from that date.  The policy can be downloaded via the link below.

Food Premises and Food Stalls

Walgett Shire Council works with the NSW Food Authority in addressing food related matters such as food premises inspections, safe food handling and food borne illness investigations.  Part of this role is to provide advice to food business owners and operators on the requirements needed to be met in order to comply with the Food Act 2003 and the Food Standards Code. Council aims to take both an education and enforcement approach to food handling in an effort to maintain the health and safety of the community.

Liquid Trade Waste


Local Water Utilities such as Walgett Shire Council, are responsible for the provision of water supply and reticulated sewerage services in New South Wales country towns. Pollution and damage to the environment resulting from poor liquid trade waste management practices have resulted in successive governments creating a number of statutes aimed at greater protection of the environment, health and safety.

Dealing with neighbourhood noise


Neighbourhood noise, such as noise from animals, alarms, machines and parties can be very annoying. You can often stop noise that disturbs you without involving council, the police or the EPA.

Overgrown Urban Lots


Information regarding overgrown lots