Car Door Tours

The Black Opal is unique to Lightning Ridge but it is not the only unique thing… the Ridge is also famous for its Car Door Tour so be sure to drop into the Visitor Information Centre for your guide to this special experience…

Norman Tracker Walford Walkway

This tour gives information about places in Walgett the Dharriwaa Elders Group would like to share with visitors. Most locations have interpretive signs that Dharriwaa Elders Group offers so that visitors will be able to identify our rich native w…

Walgett Levee Bank Walk

The town of Walgett, situated on extensive plains only a couple of kilometres off the junction of the Barwon and Namoi Rivers, has been subject to major flooding by those rivers and their tributaries on various occasions over the years.


Black Opal Tours

Black Opal Tours invites you on a journey through the opal fields of Lightning Ridge and through time as your local guide introduces you to a unique place and way of life.

The Classic Black Opal Tour – This is thei…


“A Walgett Episode” Walgett Town Tour

Walgett Visitor Information Centre

School of Distance Education

Dharriwaa Elders Group

Walgett Historical Society

Walgett Mason…

“Been There Before” Walgett Historical Tour


The early history of Walgett is linked with the exploration of the Castlereagh and Macquarie River Areas. Records suggest the first white man into the Walgett area was Captain Charles Sturt on the 4th February 1829.

On October…