Public Exhibition - No Permanent Stock Zones in the Walgett Shire

Published on 05 March 2024

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Notice is hereby given that the Walgett Shire Council wishes to declare that there are “no permanent stock zones within the Walgett Shire.”

A Permanent Stock Zone refers to either the entirety or a portion of a public road that has been designated by a Council for permanent stock usage. Its positioning follows the guidelines outlined in the Local Land Services Regulation 2014 – Regulation 53(3).

The decision to declare there are "no permanent stock zones" is due to safety concerns for road users, particularly due to the presence of livestock on main road corridors.

This notice serves to announce a 28 day advertisement period, during which submissions expressing support, opposition or feedback are invited. All submissions must be in written form.

Please note confidentiality is not available to those persons making submissions. The details of any submissions may be included in a Council report. Information (including copies of submissions) may also be publicly released. Privacy considerations are balanced with Council’s statutory obligations, the rights of a proponent and the public interest. Council must consider any submissions made before it decides whether to proceed with or abandon a proposal.

All submissions must reach the Council by Tuesday 2nd April 2024 no later than 4:00 pm, and should be addressed to the General Manager. After reviewing the public submissions, the declaration of "no permanent stock zones in the Walgett Shire" may be formally deliberated and approved by the Council in a subsequent meeting.

Those who make a formal submission will also receive an invitation to speak at the corresponding Council meeting, should they desire to participate.

Enquiries and submissions are to be made in writing to or addressed to the General Manager, PO BOX 31, WALGETT, NSW 2832.


Megan Dixon
General Manager


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