Changes to Walgett Filtered Water

Published on 23 June 2023

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Walgett Water Supply Notice to Residents

Residents of Walgett are advised that there has been a switch from river water back to bore water yesterday and may notice a change in the water taste and feel. However, the Walgett bore water quality is safe to drink in accordance with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Walgett water supply switched back to bore water following instrumentation issues at the Walgett WTP. The instrumentation is responsible for monitoring water quality and is an important control in ensuring the water produced by the treatment plant meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. As the river water is more challenging to treat, changing to bore water supply was considered the safest option to ensure reliable and clean water. 

The changeover to bore water supply will be temporary, with Council working with technicians to resolve the instrumentation issues. 

Residents will be advised when the switch back to river water occurs. 

Throughout this transition period, close monitoring of water quality is ongoing, and Council will immediately update the community if anything changes. 

Should you require further information please contact Council’s Engineering / Technical Services Department on (02) 6828 1000.

Hugh Percy

Acting General Manager

23 June 2023


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