Walgett Shire Council Welcomes New Mayor and Deputy Mayor

Published on 14 September 2023


The Walgett Shire Council wishes to announce the outcome of its extraordinary meeting held on September 14, 2023. During this meeting, Councillor Jasen Ramien was elected as the Mayor, and Councillor Colin Hundy assumed the role of Deputy Mayor, both unopposed.

Upon his election, Mayor Ramien acknowledged the contributions of Councillor Jane Keir and Councillor Greg Rummery, who served as Mayor and Deputy Mayor respectively for the past three years. He also emphasised his commitment to ensuring equitable distribution of resources throughout the entire shire, “I just want to see the whole of the Shire get their fair share, with all of the little communities included as much as the bigger communities.”

Deputy Mayor Hundy echoed Mayor Ramien's sentiments, expressing optimism about the increased transparency and accountability that would come with the new leadership. He also noted the progress on the Opal Centre project and emphasised the importance of all towns benefiting from its development.

Deputy Mayor Hundy further highlighted the historic nature of this leadership team, “it’s not just a faction from Walgett or Lightning Ridge but representation from three of our biggest towns which will be beneficial for all communities.”

The Walgett Council expresses its gratitude to outgoing Mayor Jane Keir and Deputy Mayor Greg Rummery for their dedicated service and leadership over the past years. These newly appointed positions will remain in effect until the next Councillor elections, scheduled for September next year.

Please direct all enquiries in writing where possible to gm@walgett.nsw.gov.au.

Hugh Percy
Acting General Manager

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