Temporary Closure of Fred Reece Way and Lorne Road

Published on 05 March 2024


Attention Residents:  
Council resolved in the Ordinary Council Meeting on 27 February 2024 that there will be a closure of Lorne Road to all traffic.  

During exploration, large cavities were found beneath Fred Reece Way and Lorne Road within 500 metres of Kangaroo Hill. These are a result of mining activity dating back to 1910.  

While the current road does not exhibit external signs of distress, anecdotal reports from the investigation team indicate that the substantial size of the cavities poses a risk to road users, particularly with the increased traffic from heavy vehicles, trucks and machinery. 

The planned closure will prevent access at the intersection of Fred Reece Way and Lorne Road. There will be limited access for residents to reach their properties on either side of the intersection, with the cavities' locations clearly marked for public awareness. 

Access to Stonies Creek Road will be via either Three Mile Road or Fred Reece Way. 

Access to the Airport will be via Stonies Creek Road and a track next to the Airport fence.  

Council staff will contact affected residents and emergency services within the next week. Preparatory works, including intersection improvements in locations where traffic flow will increase will also be conducted as a result of this closure. 

We appreciate your understanding. For any enquiries, please reach out to our Council administration staff at (02) 6828 6100. Kindly leave your contact details for a callback from the Roads Manager. Alternatively, you can also email us at admin@walgett.nsw.gov.au.  


Megan Dixon 
General Manager 


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