Readvertised Development Proposal DA2023/51

Published on 26 April 2024



You can view the proposal for the land located at Burren Junction, NSW, being LOTS 1 in DEPOSITED PLAN 1090146 and LOTS 10 and 11 in DEPOSITED PLAN 1067218 here: DA20203-51-0040(PDF, 47MB) with the traffic report found here: Traffic Impact Report -GrainCorp-Burren-Junction(PDF, 3MB)

This is the second advertisement on this Proposed Project for the following Reasons: 

  • The original Document submitted had conflicting information on the number of new Bunkers being installed. Some documents indicated Ten (10) bunkers and other references, including plans suggested or showed twelve (12 ) new Bunkers.

Twelve (12) new Bunkers are shown in the Plans, and this is the correct number.

  • A State Authority has requested a Traffic Report, which should be attached with this application material. lf there is a minor delay, it will be posted as soon as it is to hand. ln the meantime, you can review the rest of the application.
  • While the assessment has already commenced to ensure the least possible delay in processing aspects of the Traffic Study, Environmental lmpact Statement and associated documents has commenced, but no formal conclusions have been reached by Council.

Any submissions or objections lodged by the 27th May 2024 will be given careful consideration before a final decision is reached

The outcome of assessment could result in any one of the following outcomes:

Refusal with Reasons, or

Approval subject to any conditions considered necessary or appropriate, with reasons for the conditions.

The applicant (and Objectors with sufficient standing) would have a right of Appeal to the Land and Environment Court against the Decision made, or any conditions imposed.

Phil Denniston
Manager Of Compliance
Infrastructure And Compliance


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