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Walgett Shire Council works with the NSW Food Authority in addressing food related matters such as food premises inspections, safe food handling and food borne illness investigations.  Part of this role is to provide advice to food business owners and operators on the requirements needed to be met in order to comply with the Food Act 2003 and the Food Standards Code. Council aims to take both an education and enforcement approach to food handling in an effort to maintain the health and safety of the community.

The NSW Food Authority website contains all of the information that you will need to in order to understand what the law requires for food premises.

Generally, the following requirements apply:

  • New food premises or alterations to existing food premises must comply with National Food Safety Standards & Codes and must be fitted and constructed in accordance with relevant Australian Standards.
  • Retail food businesses do not need to hold a licence with the NSW Food Authority.
  • Almost all retail businesses need to notify their business details to Food Safety Authorities (Local Council) to comply with food regulations.
  • Most licenced food businesses must implement and maintain a food safety program in accordance with the requirements of the NSW Food Authority.

Download Form to Notify An Ongoing Food Business at Walgett Shire Council(DOCX, 230KB)

Download Form Notify A Temporary Food Event Walgett Shire Council(DOCX, 234KB)


Some businesses are exempt from food business notification requirements, including:

  • not-for-profit community or fundraising events where the food sold is either –
    (a) not potentially hazardous ie. does not need temperature control, or
  •         (b) to be consumed immediately after thorough cooking
  • businesses that hold a NSW Food Authority licence
    primary production food businesses such as farms other than dairy, egg or poultry meat farms, fishing or shellfish production – these are not exempt and need either a licence or to notify.


Certain hospitality and retail food service sector businesses must also designate a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) and notify Council of these details. This applies to businesses serving food that is ready to eat, potentially hazardous and not sold and served in its package (e.g. restaurants, cafes, takeaway shops, bakeries, pubs, clubs and hotels).

The Food Authority’s FSS program was established to help reduce foodborne illness in the hospitality and retail food service sectors in NSW by improving food handler skills and knowledge.

More information on Food Safety Supervisor requirements can be obtained from the NSW Food Authority web site by clicking the link.


Council will investigate complaints regarding:

  • retail businesses (except butchers), or
  • food poisoning affecting one household

The NSW Food Authority investigates complaints regarding:

  • butchers
    food poisoning in more then one household
    other issues relating to food safety & labelling

Click this link to access the complaints section of the NSW Food Authority web site.

Each complaint to Council is logged and considered carefully. We will investigate as appropriate, giving  priority to:

  • situations that will, or have the potential to, cause serious harm, and
  • patterns of similar incidents that suggest ongoing or broader issues.

To enable Council to investigate a complaint, we need:

  • a description of the problem
  • name & full street address of the business
  • product name, size and, if packaged, the date on the package, and
  • if it is suspected food poisoning:

  • time & date food consumed, and what was eaten
  • time & date illness began, symptoms and their severity.


Please contact Council if you would like to speak to one of Council’s Environmental Health and Building Surveyors about food safety.

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