Overgrown Urban Lots

An urban lot is considered overgrown within the Walgett Shire if:

  • The grass on the site exceeds a height of 30cm, or;
  • The grass on the site has sufficient density and height to sustain a significant grass fire, or;
  • Has sufficient vegetation to provide shelter for vermin and snakes.

Complaints about overgrown grass or vegetation on urban lots can be made by calling Walgett Shire Council on phone number 6828 1399.

Routine inspections are also undertaken by Council’s Regulatory Officer to determine whether there are overgrown lots within the Shire’s towns and villages.

Where an overgrown lot has been identified via an inspection or complaint:

Council will write to the landowner and request that they make arrangements to mow and maintain the land.
In cases where the request letter is not addressed, or there is an immediate hazard, Council will send a ‘Notice of Intention to Issue an Order’ under the Local Government Act 1993. Generally if the land is less than 2,000m2, the proposed order will require mowing of the whole lot. If a lot is larger, then the owner may be requested to put a 5 metre mowed buffer along the boundary to all neighbouring properties.

  • An Inspection will be carried out by Council after the 30 days has lapsed. If the lot has not been mowed or cleared, then Council may proceed to issue “Order 21” under section 124 of the Local Government Act 1993. This order will give the owner a further 30 days to remove/clear the vegetation.
  • A re-inspection will take place after the 30 days has lapsed. If the lot still hasn’t been cleared, then Council may issue a fine and mow the site at the landowner’s cost.

Council will mow land for land holders on a user pays basis. Please contact Councils Engineering/Technical Services on 6828 1399 if you wish to use this service.

Overgrown Lot Fact sheet new(PDF, 598KB)