Walgett Mural Showcasing & Promoting Harmony

Published on 25 April 2023


The much-anticipated collaboration of local Aboriginal Artist, Frank Wright & Lightning Ridge artist John Murray is underway with the pair of renowned artists creating the latest artwork within the community of Walgett. The project as a part of Walgett Shire Council’s “Street Art & Beautification Initiatives” has seen both artists engaged for near two weeks in the planning, preparation and delivery of an artwork that will be appreciated now and, in many years, to come. The canvas is Wong’s Take Away Cafe in Fox street Walgett, which many will remember as the old Rex Inn food outlet in years gone by.

Previous General Manager, Mr Michael Urquhart and Manager Community Development, Mr George McCormick began conversations and scoping works around this project some time ago, but it has been several years on the back-burner with COVID, availability of the two busy artists and then recent floods and accessibility impacting the initiative. Finally, time has come for this to be undertaken and will align with Walgett Shire Youth Week with young people also to be engaged in the mural. John and Franks intentions, working with Councils project team was to demonstrate and highlight inclusivity and harmony in community.

The Aboriginal storyline on the painting showcases the river system through Walgett and John’s emu characters are dressed & styled up representing diverse groups of people across community. The newest artwork in the community of Walgett has several underlying messages and as artist Frank Wright, who has not long completed working with the Morrambilla Festival in Coonamble said, “we can all live in harmony, support each other and get along with each other, that’s our choice and it’s a positive thing, that’s the message and interpretation that I hope and encourage residents and visitors get out of this large scale painting.”

John Murray who has re-established friendships and ties to community and people since working in Walgett some 35 years ago with a youth support service as a residential artist stated that, “Walgett is a great town and has many community champions within, from many different backgrounds, just like this painting depicts. Frank and I have been wanting to work together and collaborate our skill sets and visions for quite some time, so it seems fitting that as artists from different backgrounds, two different towns and two different life stories we collaborated with Council, community members, worked together, consulted and here is an artwork showcasing just that, Harmony in an amazing visual outcome!

George McCormick who has project managed the works said, “it’s a great partnership across all fronts and applauded the commitment by artists Frank and John and their right-hand man Bob Barrett for their efforts in such an amazing artwork. He also wished to thank the building’s owners for their support, Edward Green, Steven Able and Council outdoor staff for their help in ensuring the site was prepared and all good to go and the ongoing support throughout the delivery of the final product.”


Further media will be released on project end.

Further information please contacts. Mr Hugh Percy, Act. General Manager- 02 6828 6100 hugh.percy@bigpond.com Mr George McCormick, - 0439024902 or gmccormick@walgett.nsw.gov.au


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