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The Council is a body of nine members who are elected for a four year term to carry out duties under the provisions of the Local Government Act and Regulations. The Mayor is popularly elected every four years and the Deputy Mayor is elected every two years by the members of the Council.

The elected body is supported by a team of Council staff who are responsible for bringing the policies and changes into effect.

2023 Walgett Shire Councillors


Clr Ramien

Mayor Clr Jasen Ramien – 0428 577 484

Clr Hundy

Deputy Mayor Clr Colin Hundy – 0428 306 436

Mayor Clr Keir

Clr Jane Keir – 0427 255 268

Deputy Mayor Clr Rummery

Clr Greg Rummery – 0428 259 535

Clr Woodcock

Clr Ian Woodcock – 0417 257 558

Clr Walford

Clr Daniel Walford – 0432 641 872

Clr Seaton

Clr Alf Seaton – 0408 964 067


Clr Currey

Clr Sue Currey – 0419 893 480

Clr Cooke

Clr Michael Cooke – 0427 693 858

Local Government Election Results 2021(PDF, 212KB)

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