Rates categorisation

In Accordance with the Local Government Act (1993) Sections 514-531, assessments are rated according to their dominant use, which within the Walgett Shire, can be either:

  • Residential
  • business or
  • farmland

Assessments which fall within the town boundaries (as shown on map) will be rated as being within that town. If they fall outside the town boundaries they will be rated as either Residential Other, Business Other or as farmland depending on the dominant use of the land.

Walgett Shire Council currently has two sub-categories for farmland based on whether the land is in the possession of a water license or not. These categories are:

  • Rural (farmland)
  • Rural Irrigable

However Council is taking steps to dissolve the Rural Irrigable sub-category and align the two rateing categories by July 2012.


Council must be notified in writing within 30 days of a change in the category from one to another (Section 524 Local Government Act, 1993).


A rateable person may apply to Council at any time for a review of the category (Section 525 Local Government Act, 1993). If unsuccessful, a rateable person may, within 30 days, appeal to the Land and Environment Court (Section 526 Local Government Act, 1993).

Further details on Rateing Categories are available in the Local Government Act,1993 Sections 514-518. A copy of the Act can be found at www.legislation.nsw.gov.au

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