Artesian Bore Baths

Walgett Bore baths

The Walgett Bore Baths

The Original Bore baths, located in Dewhurst Street, were opened 8th December 1933.

They were built of wood and were considered a modern structure for their time. The building was beautiful and ornate. The bore baths proved extremely popular from the start, particularly in the evening. Between the 8th and 17th December, for example, 1047 people passed through the turnstile.

Unfortunately the baths were constructed above ground and proved structurally unsound over time and they were closed.

The current Bore Baths, located corner of Montkeila & Fox streets, were opened in 1988 and had separate change rooms and a sheltered area for people to sit. They were built as part of the Bi Centenary celebrations. Due to the corrosion of the shed from the minerals in the water the shed has had to be removed and now Walgett has a small bore bath area that is used by many people.

Burren Junction Bore Baths

Lightning Ridge Bore Bath

Remain open all year round

Walgett bore bath

Children swimming at Walgett bore bath