Council's Weekly Column 13th November 2023

Published on 13 November 2023



 This year the Walgett Shire Council has combined forces with Walgett Community Promotions to get you into the Christmas Spirit.

Join us at Gray Park, Walgett on 1st December from 6pm for Carols with the wonderful ladies from the CWA, a FREE jumping castle for the kids and everything to keep their energy levels going until the ‘Lighting of the Tree’ event at 8.30pm.

Santa will be there in style with Fire and Rescue NSW giving the reindeer a night off and personally delivering Jolly Old Saint Nick to spread his Christmas cheer...and lollies!

We have incredible stall holders joining us with unique gifts that will ensure your Christmas Shopping is done and dusted before the silly season fully kicks in. It is also a great opportunity to shop local and support your community.

There is still plenty of room for stallholders, entertainers and a food van or business. Remember all sites are FREE and there is funding available for entertainment providers.

For stallholder and entertainment enquiries, please contact:


Phone: Sherisse at 6828 6100 


As the pool season is upon us, let's make safety our top priority with these essential tips:

Supervise: Never leave children unattended near the pool. Keep watch over them at all times.

Restrict: Ensure there is a barrier that restricts your child’s access to water sources. Check pool fences are compliant, ensures all latches work. Inflatable pools with a depth greater than 30cm also need to be fenced.

Teach: Teach your child water awareness. Establish rules such as no running or diving in shallow water. Teach them to swim and get them familiar with being in water.

Respond: Learn how to perform CPR and refresh your skills regularly. Ensure there is a CPR chart on site. Remember to always phone Triple Zero (000) in an emergency.

Maintenance: Keep your pool area clean and maintained to ensure there are no slips or falls. Check drainage areas. Clean out skimmer boxes often and keep a watch for snakes and spiders. Perform regular water tests for a healthy swimming environment.

For more information regarding private swimming pool compliance in the Walgett Shire please speak with the Director of Environmental Services, Kimley Talbert on 6828 6100.

For resources such as checklists, statistics, guidelines and compliance you can also visit


As the warmer months approach, it's time to be snake-savvy! Here's what you need to know:

Garden Care: Keep the grass short, clear debris, and move wood and tin piles away from your home.

Watch Your Step: Whether on footpaths, roads, or in bushy areas, be mindful of where you walk.

Snake Sighting? Stay Back! If you spot a snake, keep a safe distance. Don't approach or harm it. Move children and pets away from the area.

All native snake species in NSW are protected by law under the National Parks and Wildlife Act of 1974.

Spot a Snake in Public? While Council staff can't wrangle snakes, they can alert the community. If you see a snake in a public area, call our administration team at 6828 6100.

*Staff are not trained or authorised to handle or remove snakes.

In Case of a Bite: call 000 immediately for medical help.


Spring is here, and so are the magpies! Stay safe with these quick tips:

  • Travel in groups, swooping birds usually target individuals.
  • Carry an open umbrella above your head.
  • Wear sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat.
  • Do not act aggressively by waving arms or throwing items, magpies will remember you!
  • Walk, don’t run.

Magpies are native birds protected by the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016. Council are unable to assist in harming or destroying problem birds.


Bin collection days across the Walgett Shire:

Tuesday   Walgett - Namoi - Gingie
Wednesday  Lightning Ridge - Cumborah
Thursday   Collarenebri - Burren Junction
Friday   Carinda - Walgett Trade Waste

Council reserves the right to refuse collection if bins are not presented as follows:

  • Bins must be spaced one metre apart from each other.
  • Bins should be placed out the night prior or by 6am on collection day.
  • Bins must be positioned away from trees, telegraph poles or other obstacles such as parked cars.
  • Bins should not be overfilled or overflowing.
  • Unathourised or additional bins may be refused. Most residential properties are entitled to one bin per household.

If you have any further questions regarding the collection service please phone 6828 6100.


It has come to the attention of the Council, that some individuals, or organisations may be placing memorial plaques on unidentified grave sites in Council Cemeteries.

Council Cemetery policy indicates that any monument or memorial installed in cemeteries, is subject to pre-approval by Council before installation.

In the event an individual or organization wishes to install a memorial or plaque in Cemeteries within Walgett LGA, please visit our website and complete the “cemetery plaque application” form and return it to or PO BOX 31, Walgett, NSW or via our offices in Walgett, Lightning Ride or Collarenebri.

Please be aware non-approved memorials or plaques may be removed at Councils discretion.

For further information please contact Bob Ironmonger or Lyn Douglas on 6828 6100 or email


The Walgett Shire Council requests your cooperation in maintaining clear access to your water meters. This is vital for accurate readings, meter protection, and the safety of our staff.

Failure to access the meter may result in estimated readings, potentially impacting the accuracy of your water usage charges.

Please be mindful of obstacles such as locked gates, unsafe property conditions, aggressive dogs, overgrown gardens, high grass or meters buried under dirt or debris.

For further information contact our Engineering Department on (02) 6828 6100 or email


At Walgett Shire Council, public safety and responsible pet ownership are our top priorities. To address concerns regarding roaming and nuisance dogs, our team conducts regular patrols throughout the Shire.

The Companion Animals Act 1998 states dog owners have a legal obligation to prevent their dogs from escaping the premises. Failure to do so could result in fines if your dog is seized.

Council strongly advises all pet owners to microchip and register their pets to ensure a swift reunion in case of separation.

Let's work together to promote a safe environment for everyone including your pets!

For more details contact Paul Flint on 0418684710 or email


Information about events in our community can be found on our websites:

We also provide a weekly e-bulletin sent every Wednesday after 5pm. To subscribe, simply email

If you have an event, activity or community news you would love to share with our growing list of 900+ subscribers, send an email to with the event details including any promotional materials or flyers.

* Please note: Council reserves the right to exclude any items as they see fit. Any inclusion of materials is not a direct endorsement by Council.




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