Organisation structure

Listed below are the areas of Responsibility for each department in the Council:

Areas of Responsibility for Acting General Manager

Mr. Hugh Percy (Acting General Manager)
Mayoral Support
Councillor Training and support
Council Business – Agenda and Action
Intergovernmental Relations
Inter Council Relations
Community Relations
Corporate Leadership and Direction
Organisational Structure and Performance Management
Corporate and Strategic Planning
Budget and Management Plan
Policy and Delegations
Delegates to external bodies
Human Resources Management
Tourism and Visitor Information
Economic Development
Legal Services
Main Street Programs


Areas of responsibility within Corporate Services

Mr. Hafiz Malik

Financial Services
Information Technology
Property Services
Leases and Licenses
Property Register
Caravan Parks
Swimming Pool Management Arrangements
Public Officer Service
Records Management
Asset Management
Water Billing
Aboriginal Services
Youth Services
Arts and Cultural Services


Areas of Responsibility within Planning and Regulatory Services

Mr Kimley Talbert

Solid Waste and Recycling Services including new Landfill Development
Waste Water Services
Development Approvals
Building Services
Environment and Health Compliance
State of the Environment Report
Onsite Wastewater Management
Development compliance
Land Use and Environment Plans
Development Control Plans
Section 149 Certificates
GIS Management
By Laws


Areas of Responsibility within Engineering/Technical  Services

Mr Bob Stephen

Water Services
Road Maintenance and Construction
Urban Storm water Management
Urban Streetscape and Cleansing
Parks and Reserves Maintenance
Cemeteries Maintenance
Infrastructure Asset Register (Urban)
Urban Flood Mitigation including Levy Bank reconstruction
Bore baths maintenance and management
Bridge Maintenance and Maintenance
Traffic Facilities
Emergency Services
Quarries and construction material storage and supply
Plant and Fleet Management
Workshop and Stores
New Depot Development
Infrastructure Asset Register (Rural)

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Walgett Shire Council
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