Welcome To The Walgett Shire Council

As a major highway junction for touring routes, Walgett Shire plays host to a number of unique experiences. 

Walgett Shire proudly offers all the ingredients for a great outback holiday; scenery, relaxation, recreation and revitalisation. It has an abundance of wildlife and flora on display, not to mention the spectacular sunrises and brilliant sunsets to open and close your day. During the year Walgett Shire conducts annual events that you can enjoy and participate in, making your holiday a very memorable and fulfilling experience.
Walgett Shire invites you to come and experience genuine country hospitality and guarantees that you will take home a unique and memorable holiday experience.

Microchipping Discount Days



Microchipping Discount Days


Walgett: Thursday 26th May 2016

                                                              Grey Park, Walgett:  9am -12 noon 


Lightning Ridge: Thursday 16th June 2016

                                                  Information Centre, Lightning Ridge:  9am -12 noon


Collarenebri: Thursday 16th June 2016

Lion Park:  2.00pm – 4.00pm

$15 first dog and $10 per extra dog or cat

There are 40 vouchers on offer with 3 months to use offering $50 off desexing of animals - First in best dressed

                                                                   Animal must be brought in by the owner
                                                                       All dogs must be on a leash

All cats must be in cages

Walgett Shire Council would like to remind residents

That in our Shire it is a requirement under the companion animals act 1996:

All dogs be on a lead when not in their yard or in a designated off leash area. On spot Fines apply starting at $165.

                              That all dogs on vehicles be restrained or in cages. Fines apply starting at $200
                                   Dog faeces need to be picked up. On the spot fines apply starting at $275

All dogs must by law be microchipped and registered in the Walgett Shire. On spot fines apply starting from $165


Pre-Development Application (DA) Submission Meetings


 As a new service to residents Council wishes to invite all those planning to submit a development application, whether in the early or late stages of preparation, to contact Council for a confidential pre-lodgement meeting with Council Planning & Building staff.

 The Pre-DA is a service for potential applicants to seek feedback on specific concept plans for specific sites. At the pre-DA advice meeting we will discuss the relevant planning policies against which your proposal will be assessed as well as comment on those aspects of a proposal which are non-compliant with Council’s controls.

A pre-lodgement meeting provides the prospective applicant with the opportunity to discuss and receive feedback from Council on the technical and merit aspects of a development proposal. This occurs following a preliminary assessment by staff of submitted plans and documents detailing the proposal. Although pre-lodgement meetings are not mandatory, this service is encouraged by Council because:

  •  It's the most appropriate and transparent means of dealing with enquires of a complex or site-specific nature, or where formal feedback is being sought on a specific development concept or proposed plan;
  •  The pre-DA advice meeting will be attended by Council staff who will be assessing the application;
  • It's an opportunity for Council to advise the applicant of strategic objectives for the development of the area;
  • It allows for any potential issues to be dealt with prior to the formal lodgement of a DA; and
  • It enables Council to provide relevant information to the applicant to assist in resolving any issues prior to lodging an application.

 Applicants may also chose to attend additional Pre-DA meetings as required. Conducting a pre-lodgement meeting may assist in reducing the assessment times of DAs. Where possible, during the pre-lodgement meeting, Council officers will suggest alternative and acceptable solutions for the applicant to consider, which could reduce project costs.

 A pre-lodgement meeting is for discussion and clarification purposes only and may not identify all possible issues. It is not, in any way, intended to pre-empt a final decision in relation to a development application. Where possible, we will endeavour to provide you with a level of certainty about your proposal, but we cannot give absolute commitment. Views of the community, Councillors and other government authorities are not able to be taken into account in the pre-DA consultation process.

 Please contact Council’s Administration Services Officer Lyn Douglas on 0268 286 144 to arrange an appointment with Council’s Planning & Building staff.

Walgett Shire Council Newsletter

22 Feb 2016 10:22 AM -
Walgett Shire Council Newsletter Summer 2015 - 2016

Noise Guide for the Preserved Opal Fields (SP1 Zones)

There are about 1,900 mining camps located on opal mining fields in the vicinity of Lightning Ridge and Grawin/Glengarry areas. Council occasionally receives complaints about noise in these areas.

Council has prepared a Noise Guide for residents of the "preserved" opal fields which can be downloaded via the link below. The guide outlines the rights and responsibilities of mining camp residents, as well as the process Council follows when dealing with noise complaints.