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As a major highway junction for touring routes, Walgett Shire plays host to a number of unique experiences. 

Walgett Shire proudly offers all the ingredients for a great outback holiday; scenery, relaxation, recreation and revitalisation. It has an abundance of wildlife and flora on display, not to mention the spectacular sunrises and brilliant sunsets to open and close your day. During the year Walgett Shire conducts annual events that you can enjoy and participate in, making your holiday a very memorable and fulfilling experience.
Walgett Shire invites you to come and experience genuine country hospitality and guarantees that you will take home a unique and memorable holiday experience.

2016 Local Council Election



 Thinking of nominating as a candidate for your local Council?

 If you are considering nominating you should read this notice. As a candidate you have certain obligations and responsibilities under law. Check the website www.votensw.info for further details.

 How to nominate for election as a Councillor

To nominate as a Councillor, you must lodge a nomination form and $125 nomination deposit with the Returning Officer from Monday, 1st August to 12 noon Wednesday, 10th August 2016.

 Where do I get a nomination form?

Nomination forms and other important nomination and electoral information are available from the Returning Officer or from the New South Wales Electoral Commission website: www.votensw.info

 Candidate Information sheets: Every candidate is required to lodge a candidate information sheet with their nomination.

 Grouping of candidates and group voting squares: Two or more candidates may form a group.  A group may, in certain circumstances, request a group voting square on the ballot paper.  A request to form a group and have a group voting square on the ballot paper must be lodged with the Returning Officer by 12 noon Wednesday, 10th August 2016. See www.votensw.info for the publication ‘Handbook for Parties, Groups, Candidates and Scrutineers - Local Government Elections’ for more details.

 Where and when to nominate

Your nomination form and deposit must be lodged with the Returning Officer at Narrabri Region Returning Officer's Office, Exhibition Room, The Crossing Theatre, 117 Tibbereena Street, Narrabri NSW 2390. Nominations for Walgett Shire Council may also be lodged at the Council’s office, 77 Fox Street, Walgett during office hours 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday. Visit the website www.votensw.info for further details. Nominations will be accepted during business hours from 8:30am Monday, 1st August 2016 to 12 noon Wednesday, 10th August 2016.

 Nomination enquiries should be directed to the Candidate Helpdesk: 1300 088 942

 Returning Officer details


Narrabri Region Returning Officer's Office, Exhibition Room, The Crossing Theatre, 117 Tibbereena Street, Narrabri NSW 2390

 Information: www.votensw.info or 1300 135 736

 For enquiries in languages other than English call our interpreting service 13 14 50

For hearing and speech impaired enquiries, call us via the National Relay Service on 13 36 77

SPARK Lightning Ridge

SPARK is a brilliant audiovisual installation, created in Lightning Ridge and  presented under the stars at the Three Mile opal field, Lightning Ridge, from mid July to mid September 2016. Audiences will be spellbound by SPARK’s multimedia celebration of the natural, cultural and technological heritage of Lightning Ridge’s opal fields, their opal and people.

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday Nights from 6:30pm

For more information click the link:  Australian Opal Centre

Pre-Development Application (DA) Submission Meetings


 As a new service to residents Council wishes to invite all those planning to submit a development application, whether in the early or late stages of preparation, to contact Council for a confidential pre-lodgement meeting with Council Planning & Building staff.

 The Pre-DA is a service for potential applicants to seek feedback on specific concept plans for specific sites. At the pre-DA advice meeting we will discuss the relevant planning policies against which your proposal will be assessed as well as comment on those aspects of a proposal which are non-compliant with Council’s controls.

A pre-lodgement meeting provides the prospective applicant with the opportunity to discuss and receive feedback from Council on the technical and merit aspects of a development proposal. This occurs following a preliminary assessment by staff of submitted plans and documents detailing the proposal. Although pre-lodgement meetings are not mandatory, this service is encouraged by Council because:

  •  It's the most appropriate and transparent means of dealing with enquires of a complex or site-specific nature, or where formal feedback is being sought on a specific development concept or proposed plan;
  •  The pre-DA advice meeting will be attended by Council staff who will be assessing the application;
  • It's an opportunity for Council to advise the applicant of strategic objectives for the development of the area;
  • It allows for any potential issues to be dealt with prior to the formal lodgement of a DA; and
  • It enables Council to provide relevant information to the applicant to assist in resolving any issues prior to lodging an application.

 Applicants may also chose to attend additional Pre-DA meetings as required. Conducting a pre-lodgement meeting may assist in reducing the assessment times of DAs. Where possible, during the pre-lodgement meeting, Council officers will suggest alternative and acceptable solutions for the applicant to consider, which could reduce project costs.

 A pre-lodgement meeting is for discussion and clarification purposes only and may not identify all possible issues. It is not, in any way, intended to pre-empt a final decision in relation to a development application. Where possible, we will endeavour to provide you with a level of certainty about your proposal, but we cannot give absolute commitment. Views of the community, Councillors and other government authorities are not able to be taken into account in the pre-DA consultation process.

 Please contact Council’s Administration Services Officer Lyn Douglas on 0268 286 144 to arrange an appointment with Council’s Planning & Building staff.

Walgett Shire Council Newsletter

22 Feb 2016 10:22 AM -
Walgett Shire Council Newsletter Summer 2015 - 2016

Walgett Artesian Bore Baths

The Artesian Bore Baths at Walgett are closed until further notice - sorry for any inconvenience. As at July 2016